Mika Leah

My life changed on my 33rd birthday when I found myself breathless with chest pains on an easy hike in Temescal Canyon. The cardiologist’s tests revealed that something was VERY wrong, and told me I needed surgery right away. And not “right away” as in “take these pills for a couple weeks and check back with us,” but rather “you aren’t leaving this hospital until we’ve opened you up and fixed this.” Even though I already led an active lifestyle and maintained a healthy diet, my heart had a major blockage to the main artery. The doctors told me that birthday hike had saved my life.


Three procedures, five stents, and five years later, I’m still here and I understand that life needs to be lived with love and joy throughout, not just “when you can fit it in.” You can enjoy what you do every day, and you can make a difference in the world. This is why I founded Goomi - to give people the opportunity to live a healthy, balanced life. From experience in the fast-paced world of advertising and sales, I have gained insight into the need for employees to balance work and life, which benefits companies and employees alike. By bringing yoga and meditation to you at your office, we make it a part of your day instead of something you do “when the day is over.”