Ilana Mulstein

Ilana Muhlstein R.D.N is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She works at UCLA leading the Bruin Health Improvement Program and is a nutrition consultant for several companies including Herbalife, The Wonderful Company, PIMCO, Curves Gyms, and Whole Foods Markets. Ilana is also the lead nutritionist for Fit2Fat2Fit, a reality TV series premiering on the A&E Network. In addition, she is a group fitness and yoga instructor!

Ilana’s own 85-pound weight loss transformation gives her the cutting edge in weight loss counseling. She has a unique framework for overcoming weight plateaus, revving up slow moving metabolisms and ensuring a healthy weight maintenance for many years to come. Ilana specializes in helping patients treat and manage diabetes, heart disease, oncology, thyroid diseases, emotional disorders, disordered eating, optimizing prenatal and postpartum health, and improving pediatric nutrition.

Breathe In Faith, Breathe Out Fear.