Kerrie Cason Hawkes

I grew up overseas and had been around the world three times before I was 10 years old. As my family traveled the world while I was a child, my dad taught us to never pity anyone who had less than us. We needed to understand that for some people, this was their way of life and we lessen the joy that life would provide them by comparing it too much to our own.  If someone needs help, help them - but if they are living their lives in their culture to the best of their ability and they are happy, than their lives are full.  He taught me that the best gift we could give when visiting another country was to learn about it first, then be a part of the experience while there without judgment.  This always stuck with me and shaped how I approach life.

The first time I assisted a teacher training, I found myself looking around at the incredible people in the room having their moment - when yoga was so much more for them than just exercise.  To be a part of their discovery made my own dharma as a teacher solidify so deeply, that I was forever changed.

Follow the path with heart.
— My Dad (William Cason)