What Our Clients Are Saying:

Each program is uniquely different and custom tailored to my client’s needs and my budget. Goomi offers a suite of options and a holistic approach to wellness programs delivering a comprehensive experience of mind, body & soul. My clients love it!

- AdParlor

Thanks again for having us! It was fun and I’m glad I finally got to try it! 

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This is the first yoga class I have clapped at!

- USA Today

Today was an amazing success :)   Members loved the yoga session! Thanks so much  :)   !

- WeWork


Goomi makes everything so easy for everyone to enjoy! MIKA who does all of the heavy lifting, scheduling my appointments, securing the space, working with the agency HR/Office mgmt to make it all happen so that I too can really enjoy the experience. I’m thrilled thus far with the results. It really is amazing… I highly recommend utilizing Goomi services.

- Starcom

That was a fun rest. I just had a good rest.

- 4 year old at Center for Early Education

thinkLA had a wonderful office yoga experience. Thanks so much Goomi!!

- thinkLA

Everything was great. The class was really good. Everyone seems to be really enjoying the classes we've scheduled and wants to keep doing them.