Goomi just reached our one-year anniversary on August 19th. That got us thinking, wow, what a huge milestone! Along the way, we've made some great friends and met some fantastic partners.


Body Flows Yoga Retreats

Body Flows is a great resource to find great upcoming Yoga Retreats in your area.  You can check them out at



For the past 15 years, GODA has been a sanctuary for personal transformation in a stressful and chaotic world. It is a true community of HEART in downtown Culver City. It's our intention to offer gifted and inspired instructors who are interested not just in teaching people to "do" poses, but in teaching the science of yoga asana as preventative medicine, energetic embodiment, and an ally for health and peace in body and mind

Jamie Wozny Healing

Are you sick of not having what you want in your life? Are you ready to open up to the gifts in your life that are your birthright? It's time to open the energy channel of receiving. It's easy and fun! 

All you have to do for the next thirty days is receive! When someone or even the universe, offers to pay or give you something: An idea, an opportunity, a compliment, a nice gesture like a door held...and the list goes on... Just say yes or thank you! Watch your old past patterning get in the way with comments like, "you don't have to do that!" Or "no that's not necessary!" Or "I don't take things, I work for them". Notice and just smile at how this is just a subjective opinion and choose to receive now. 

Stop pushing away your gifts! They are coming to you for a reason. You are learning to elegantly accept and honor them now. It may feel uncomfortable at first but that's ok! You are spreading your wings and the rewards here are so worth it!