Goomi was founded on the premise that A Balanced Life is Possible for Everyone. We provide health and wellness classes delivered on-site right to your workplace, anywhere in the U.S. Here’s our story…

Meet Our Founder, Mika Leah

Warrior. Survivor. Mom. Ambassador. Advocate. Icon.

Entrepreneur Mika Leah is a mother, a young heart disease survivor and a warrior for wellness. She is a national ambassador for the American Heart Association and a member of the AHA’s Board of Directors.

Mika survived 5 heart stents and 3 invasive heart procedures, all before her 36th birthday.  She is alive today because she listened to her intuition and to her body, and bravely advocated for herself.

With a new lease on life and a calling to help others, Mika launched Goomi, with over 250 instructors across the country serving up inspiration, health and wellness in the workplace through movement and motivation.

Mika believes that life should be lived with love and joy throughout the day, not just when you can fit it in, and she strives to provide others with the opportunity to incorporate balance into their daily lifestyle. An inspiring public speaker, Mika’s story has been featured on CNN, Shape and Women’s Fitness, among others.

How We Work

Goomi brings yoga, meditation, kick-boxing, nutritional evaluations, massages, and more – directly to your office! Whether you’re first-timers or pro athletes, Goomi customizes every class to fit your specific needs. We’ll work with you to determine the best area in your office space for your session; and with morning, lunchtime, and after work classes available, we’re easy to fit into your schedule.  To explore our list of classes click here.

Contact us to receive a free consultation, book your first session, or ask any questions you may have. We promise to get back to you the same day!


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