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We Bring Onsite Fitness & Wellness Sessions Directly to Your Office

Goomi brings yoga, meditation, kick-boxing, nutritional evaluations, massages, and everything in between directly to your office! Whether you’re first-timers or pro athletes, Goomi customizes every class to fit your company’s specific needs.

We’ll work with you to determine the best area in your office space for your session; and with morning, lunchtime, and after work classes available, we’re easy to fit into your schedule. Some benefits of corporate wellness include…


Reduced Healthcare Costs
Promoting a Lifestyle of Wellness

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Team Building
Improved Morale, Improved Retention


Learning the Art of Self Care

Self-care is a universal challenge for everyone from the mailroom to the boardroom. In an age of power-meetings and drive-thru lunches, Goomi is a one-stop-shop for all of your health and wellness needs. We are your self-care ambassadors, customizing every program to your company’s culture and budget.


Why Corporate Wellness is Important

From improved office morale to reduced healthcare costs and improved productivity, the benefits of having a wellness program in the workplace reach every level of your corporate culture.


Use Your Wellness Dollars

Wellness dollars are money set aside by your medical carrier for wellness-related purchases. We will work collectively with your benefits broker to negotiate wellness program funding for you to utilize your healthcare wellness dollars.


We work with all insurance carriers and brokers. Here are a few of our partners.

We love our clients.